Our salient features of the
Hiring Solution

Your All-In-One
Dashboard Solution

An organized dashboard with graphs, allowing users to visually track performance across various sections. It displays data on Total and Eligible Candidates, Total Departments, candidate registration trends for today and a month ago, the Candidate-to-Marks Ratio, and registered candidates with their respective dates.

Custom Branding

The website offers the ability to showcase a company's unique identity and brand image during the assessment process. Users can customize the assessment platform with their logo and visuals. The platform also displays job openings along with their requirements, such as job experience and types. It provides an easy-to-use interface for effortless website customization.


Our proctoring feature ensures a secure exam environment with real-time monitoring to prevent cheating. Advanced anti-cheating measures are employed to maintain fairness and authenticity. Enhanced identity verification using facial recognition technology ensures the right person takes the exam. The feature supports remote testing from any location.

Collection of Questions:

A valuable resource for organizations to streamline assessments. Empowers recruiters with an extensive collection of well-crafted questions, easy question management, bulk import, and efficient data filtering for high-quality assessments.

Customize Assessments:

It enables recruiters and hiring managers to create customized assessments, evaluating candidates' skills for specific roles. With extensive customization options, users can organize assessments using Openings and different suits. Choose from multiple question formats, access a question bank, or create custom questions to align with hiring requirements. The Kanban view enables easy candidate filtering based on their points.

User Roles & Permission

This website feature provides customizable access levels for team members, based on job responsibilities and organizational hierarchy. It ensures data security by restricting access to sensitive information and allows for flexible recruitment team management.

Candidate Management

This website feature enables tracking and managing candidates’ progress in the recruitment process. Recruiters can monitor profiles, placement status, interview dates, and feedback. Assess candidates’ skills with various tests. Build a talent database for future opportunities, accessing profiles and assessments for faster hiring decisions.

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