Intuitively built for
Hiring Workflow

After dealing with the important details about how we hire, let’s look at the specific things we do when we bring in someone new to the team. We’ll go through each step and give you some good tips to help you get going when you make your own hiring plan.


Structured hiring at
every step!

Create openings with requirements

Recruiters easily create and manage their openings per their company’s requirements and post them on their company’s career page.

Opening post on the career page

Posting compelling job posts is essential, as they must be informative and engaging to attract qualified and diverse talent.

Review Candidate

Once candidates start pouring in, the process of selecting candidates to advance further commences as the evaluation of applicants begins.


The quantity of assessments and interviews fluctuates based on the complexity of the role. For crucial positions, a comprehensive assessment guarantees well-considered judgment.


Customized assessments and interviews depend on the role’s significance. A careful approach or key positions assures thoughtful and informed decisions.

Make an Offer

Efficiency in the offer stage is vital as there is still a possibility of candidates dropping out, particularly for those in high demand who might receive multiple offers. Moving swiftly is imperative to secure the best candidates for your role.

Round out the hiring process

Congratulations! You have successfully reached the final stage of the new hire workflow. You managed to attract potential talent, eliminated candidates who didn't quite fit, and if your offer is accepted, you've found an excellent addition to your team!

Save time to create a quality team for your business!