Privacy Policy HireOquick

This policy applies to all the HireOquick platforms & services provided by the software solution through this online venture. The policy is divided into three parts:

Information collected by HireOquick

This part deals with how HireOquick collects & uses information about software visitors, potential customers, users of services, and others who contact HireOquick through forms or email addresses published on or linked to the application.

Information that HireOquick Processes on your behalf

This part deals with how HireOquick handles data that you entrust to HireOquick when you use the services or when you share any personal or confidential information with us while requesting customer support.


Other general topics such as HireOquick’s security commitments and how we will inform you when we change this Privacy Policy.

Information HireOquick collects and controls

What information HireOquick collect

We collect information about you only if we need the information for some legitimate purpose. HireOquick will have information about you only if (a) you have provided the information yourself, (b) We have automatically collected the information, or (c)Have obtained the information from a third party. Below we describe the various scenarios that fall under each of those three categories and the information collected in each one.

Information that you provide us

  1. Account signup: When you sign up for an account to access one or more of our services, we ask for information like your name, contact number, email address, company name, and country to complete the account signup process. You’ll also be required to choose a unique username and a password for accessing the created account. You may also provide us with more information such as your photo, time zone, and language, but we don’t require that information to sign up for an account. After signing up, you will have the option of choosing a security question and an answer to the security question — if you provide these, they will be used only while resetting your password.
  2. Payment processing: When you buy a service from us, we ask you to provide your name, contact information, credit card information, or other payment account information. When you submit your card information, we store the name and address of the cardholder, the expiry date, and the last four digits of the credit card number. We do not store the actual credit card number. For quick processing of future payments, if you have given us your approval, we may store your credit card information or other payment information in an encrypted format in the secured servers of our Payment Gateway Service Providers.
  3. Testimonials: When you authorize us to post testimonials about our products and services on websites, we may include your name and other personal information in the testimonial. You will be given an opportunity to review and approve the testimonial before we post it. If you wish to update or delete your testimonial, you can contact us at
  4. Interactions with HireOquick: We may record, analyze and use your interactions with us, including email, telephone, and chat conversations with our sales and customer support professionals, for improving our interactions with you and other customers. 

Information that we collect automatically

  1. Information from browsers, devices, and servers: When you visit our websites, we collect information that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers make available, such as the internet protocol address, browser type, language preference, time zone, referring URL, date and time of access, operating system, mobile device manufacturer and mobile network information. We include these in our log files to understand more about visitors to our websites.
  2. Information from first-party cookies and tracking technologies: We use temporary and permanent cookies to identify users of our services and to enhance user experience. We embed unique identifiers in our downloadable products to track the usage of the products. We also use cookies, beacons, tags, scripts, and other similar technologies to identify visitors, track website navigation, gather demographic information about visitors and users, understand email campaign effectiveness, and for targeted visitor and user engagement by tracking your activities on our websites. 

iii. Information from application logs and mobile analytics: We collect information about your use of our  services, and mobile applications from application logs and in-house usage analytics tools, and use it to understand how your business use and needs can improve our products. This information includes clicks, scrolls, features accessed, access time and frequency, errors generated, performance data, storage utilized, user settings and configurations, and devices used to access and their locations.

Information that we collect from third parties

  1. Referrals : If someone has referred any of our products or services to you through any of our referral programs, that person may have provided us your name, email address and other personal information. You may contact us at to request that we remove your information from our database. If you provide us information about another person, or if another person gives us your information, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.
  2. Information from social media sites and other publicly available sources : When you interact or engage with us on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram through posts, comments, questions and other interactions, we may collect such publicly available information, including profile information, to allow us to connect with you, improve our products, or better understand user reactions and issues. We must tell you that once collected, this information may remain with us even if you delete it from the social media sites. HireOquick may also add and update information about you, from other publicly available sources.

Purposes for using information

In addition to the purposes mentioned above, we may use your information for the following purposes:

  1. To communicate with you (such as through email) about products that you have downloaded and services that you have signed up for, changes to this Privacy Policy, changes to the Terms of Service, or important notices
  2. To keep you posted on new products and services, upcoming events, offers, promotions and other information that we think will be of interest to you
  3. To solicit feedback on our products and services
  4. To set up and maintain your account, and to do all other things required for providing our services, such as enabling collaboration, providing website and mail hosting, and backing up and restoring your data
  5. To understand how users use our products and services, to monitor and prevent problems, and to improve our products and services
  6. To provide customer support, and to analyze and improve our interactions with customers
  7. To detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and other illegal activities, to report spam, and to protect the rights and interests of HireOquick, its users, third parties, and the public
  8. To update, expand and analyze our records, identify new customers, and provide products and services that may be of interest to you
  9. To analyze trends, administer our software, and track visitor navigations on our websites to understand what visitors are looking for and to better help them
  10. To monitor and improve marketing campaigns and make suggestions relevant to the user.

Cookies and tracking technologies

HireOquick uses cookies or similar technologies to analyze trends, administer its website, track users’ movements around the website, and gather information about the user base, such as location information based on IP addresses.

Users can control the use of cookies in the browsers that they use. Your browser may offer you a Do Not Track option that allows you to signal to operators of websites and web applications and services (including behavioral advertising services) that you do not want them to track your online activities across different websites.

Our Products do not support Do Not Track requests at this time, which means that we will collect information about your online activity while you are using our Products and after you leave our properties.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but provide controls that allow you to block or delete them. For example, in most modern browsers, you can block or delete cookies by clicking Settings>Privacy>Cookies. Instructions for blocking or deleting cookies in other browsers may be available in a browser’s privacy or help documentation.

Certain features of HireOquick service depend on cookies and plugins. Please be aware that if you choose to block cookies and plugins, you may not be able to sign in or use those features. Preferences that are dependent on cookies may be lost. If you choose to delete cookies, settings and preferences controlled by those cookies, including advertising preferences, will be deleted and may need to be recreated.

HireOquick collects information related to visitors and machines. Such information includes cookies, IP addresses, page-view activities, and geolocation data.